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Guests renting our place also sometime ask us if we know about and can recommend a villa, apartment or a piece of to BUY.

The Kamala area is probably the hotest spot in Phuket island right now, when it comes to building projects that are already running or that are starting up. If you go for a good location and work together with competent and trustworthy people there is therefore a good chance that you can make a good investment.

However the market here in Phuket is a jungle, which is often the case with hot locations. To succeed you need to know how to operate in a country that you probably don’t know to well because you did’t grew up here. Thailand has it’s own culture with it’s own laws, traditions and customs. To be successful you need to know them. If you don’t you need to work together with people who do and that you trust.


As I mentioned before Kamala in Phuket Island is now a hot location.

For you people who live in one of the big cities in or near to South East Asia, like Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai it’s natural to look for a piece of land, house or apartment to buy or lease that is not too far. Phuket Island is close to these places and has a location, beauty, climate and infrastructure, for recreation and fun, that few if any places can beat.

In 2016 Phuket Island got a new international airport with direct flights to many big cities in Asia, Europe and US. If you live in or near to South East Asia you can go here for a shorter period of time like a weekend. People from Europe and US stay longer.

For north Europeans it has been, and still is, popular to buy houses and apartments in Spain and other Mediterranean countries. Some common reasons for this is, as you know, because it’s comparatively cheap to buy here and it’s close to home.

Ever so people from all over the Globe are now taking a bigger interest in investing in locations for recreation and work in south east Asia like Phuket island and there are good reasons to do so.

One is of course that the weather in northern Europe, is often not very pleasant during autumn and winter while the weather in Thailand is great. Like the Scandinavian summer at it’s best.

Another good argument for choosing Thailand is that it’s still cheap to live here compared to f. ex. Spain, even if it’s not as cheap as it has been since the European currencies, during the last ten years, has lost about twenty percent to the Thai baht.

For many maybe the most important reason for buying property here however is because it’s considered to be a comparatively safe investment for the future. Asian economies, like Thailand, has been growing steadily for many years now while the European and US economies are more unstable.

To put it simple: Asia is on its way up while the European and US economies are going down.

Finally the culture with the friendly, smiling people everywhere and the nice Thai sea food are of course also important reasons why so many who come here love this place.


To buy property in Thailand, if you’re not a thai citicine is complicated. Since you need more help than what you can get from a real estate agent we call ourselves PROPERTY CONSULTANTS.

During the more than ten years we’ve been building a network of landowners, builders, real estate agents, lawyers, solicitors etc, in the Kamala aera, that we’ve got to know along the way and have been working together with since.

We only deal with people that we know and have personal experience from and that we can trust. For everybody involved to be safe.

If you chose to let us help you the price you pay for the property will always be the same as what you pay if you buy from the owner directly.

It’s the owner that pay us our commission not you as a buyer.

What is always included in our price is the cost for

-the lawyer who put together a seller-buyer contract

-the solicitor who put up a company for you that can buy and own the property. As you probably already know, since it’s often a subject for discussion, you can’t, as a private person, own property in Thailand, at the moment. But your company can.

So to sum up: every cost for making the property yours is included in our price.

At KAMALA HEIGHTS we have a team that maintain our own houses, gardens, pools etc. If you want this team can do the maintenance of you property as well.