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Land for sell: Project 1

Unit 3

Here you see a picture of a house in modern Bali style that is designed for this particular sloping plot nr 3.

The land was cut into altogether 5 pieces, four plots 1-4 and a private road leading up to unit nr 2,3 and 4. Kamal heights is built on plot nr 2. There is also built a house on plot nr 1. Plot nr 4 is sold but there is no house built yet.

Color plans

Here you see the house from above. You see that it contains of 2 units, one bigger and one smaller. The design is modern Bali with many outdoor/indoor areas.

Here you can see the color plan of the bigger house unit to your right
and the smaller house unit to the left.

Here you can see drawing of the garage with driveway from the small private road leading to plot and unit nr 2 and then down to this house that is unit 3 and to unit nr 4.


Here you can see the seaview from unit 3. Since there is Goverment land, with a canyon, in front of plot and unit nr 3, where no one is allowed to build, and where it’s also technically not possible to build, no one can block the sea view in the future.


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